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Kindle Screenshots

I had a reference to this topic on one of yesterday’s posts, and many people requested I send this out separately, so here it is in its entirety (well, I did update it slightly as I originally sent it out over a year ago).

I like printing things out, marking it up, put comments to the side, etc.  With the Kindle, that may seem hard to do – you’re not connected to the printer like your computer is (unless you have the free Kindle for PC application), and a lot of times – for me, at least – it is a pain in the neck to copy a clipping, then sending it over to the computer via the USB cord, etc.  Besides, with the Kindle for PC application, you can’t print things out unless you have some type of workaround / software tool like SnagIt, etc.

Did you know you can take a screenshot of any Kindle page you are viewing and, for example, move it over as  a picture to, say, a Word or PowerPoint document?  You can, and here is how to do it…

With any screen you may be viewing in your Kindle, all you need to do is press the ALT + Shift + G keys simultaneously; you will see the screen flash, which is what you want it to do.  After that happens, plug your Kindle into your computer via the USB cord; with your computer screen (Windows users can go through “My Computer”), navigate to your Kindle’s folder called “documents.”  You will see the books that are currently on your Kindle, but you will also see a file with a name starting with “screen-shot.”  That’s what you just took a snapshot of on your Kindle, and it will be in “GIF” format.

Take this GIF file (copy or cut and paste it) over to your computer and place it in a program like Word, or open it up with a picture viewer.  From there, you can print it out, resize / crop it, or whatever you normally do with pictures.

Hope that helps!


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