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Star Wars Book Update from Amazon Kindle Store

Many of you wrote to me yesterday about the Star Wars post – the one where I told you about a free pre-order of Book #6 in the series coming up later this month, as well as links to the other books in the series which are also free (click here in case you missed this post).  On a side note, if you would like to write to me my email address is kndle at gagler dot com.

It would appear Amazon has done a switcheroo – the title still says it is Book 6, but the description has reverted to Book 5.  I’m not sure what to tell you as there have been several discussion threads started about this mix up on the Amazon Kindle discussion boards with no firm conclusions.

Here’s what I would suggest: if you are interested in this series, grab the books in order now and make your pre-order for Book 6 (or is it really Book 5?).  You’ll at least have four books to enjoy and it’s not long until the next book’s release date of February 21st.  Hopefully by then Amazon will have it all straightened out and I’ll give you an update at that time.

The worst thing that can happen, assuming they pull it, is you’ll have four free books to read…

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