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Free Video Poker Game

Amazon has released a free game, Video Poker – you can pick up your free copy if you click here.

Here is the game’s description from the Amazon website:

Play Vegas-style video poker on Kindle anytime, anywhere.

Video Poker accurately simulates the Vegas-style video poker machine known as Jacks or Better. After making a bet, you will be dealt five cards. You select which of these five cards to hold, and redraw the rest to try to make the best poker hand possible. A hand with a pair of Jacks or better wins.

The built-in Strategy feature, which you can turn on and off at any time, will provide recommendations for how to play given the hand you were dealt, and will give you hints on how to improve if you fail make the best move. This guidance will help you learn how to play the game, and how to maximize your payouts.

Video Poker tracks how much you win or lose and how often you play the best possible hand.

Try Video Poker today!

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