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Since most people read my blogs on their Kindles maybe you would like to give it a try, too.  Amazon allows you to check each blog out for free on your Kindle for a two-week period, and you can cancel within that two-week period at any time with no cost to you.  There are quite a few blogs out there I think are pretty interesting, and I subscribe to a few myself.

Don’t have a Kindle?  Well, you should get one!  They range in price from $79 – $379 depending upon the number of bells and whistles you get.  You can click here to give the kind of Kindle I use a look.

Here are my six blogs in the Kindle format:

This Blog for Your Kindle:

Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tipsclick here

My Other Blogs:

Bible Verse of the Dayclick here

Kindle Books for a Buck (or Less)click here

On This Day in Historyclick here

Trivia of the Dayclick here

Quote of the Dayclick here

6 responses to “Read This Blog on Your Kindle

  1. Michael, I’m trying to send you a tip about a book that will be offered free on tomorrow only, as a promotion. Its an extremely good book. I don’t see an email address for you anywhere.

    PhD Maria

  2. Pat Kelly Klein

    this maybe a dumb question but do I blog to you via my kindle or do I blog via my laptop thru wordpress? and where the heck do I type “kindle at gagler dot com?
    I am 73 so it takes me awhile catch on Pat

    • Michael Gallagher

      I’ll answer the last one first. Spammers deploy electronic web crawlers, or robots, to gather email addresses. Once they get your email address, you are now subject to all sorts of interesting email advertisements I want to avoid, so that is why I type my email address as kindle at gagler dot com.

      As an example of what that really means, let’s assume an email address for this example is – you see the email address clearly, and if you hovered your mouse over that email address you can copy it to your clipboard and do with it what you will: so can the spammers. So, in a small effort to confuse the spam robots, you can shorten to joe at schmoe dot com as when you say it out load or read it, that’s the email address.

      As far as the first question, I’m not too sure I understand it: technically, as a reader you are not blogging “to” me. If, however, you meant “how do you read the blog” you can read it via a Kindle subscription if your Kindle is not a Kindle Fire (click here or type in into your computer’s web browser to sign up for the Kindle subscription), read it on Facebook (click here or type in into your computer’s web browser), via Twitter (Click here or type in into your web browser), or on the web at

      If you are a Kindle Fire user, Amazon does not have the subscription option for you to use like a regular Kindle does. You can, however, use the free Pulse App that is installed on your Kindle Fire to read the blog – click here or type in into your computer’s web browser to read on how to set that up (it takes about 30 seconds to set it up).

  3. Thanks for answering Michael. I am more informed thanks to you. I think the info you provide us is invaluable for 99 cents a month! The books are all interesting to know about–who cares about the catagories (can’t satisfy everyone). We know they’re out there–it’s for US to choose! Glad you include literary fiction–just downloaded 2 this week.
    Gratefully, Pat Klein

  4. M—Here I am again. I wanted to tell you and other folks out there. I sometimes find that your “click here” is slow to download that particular book. (not your problem, I know) I go to the “kindle store”–(wireless on) and type in the” search box” at the bottom. Put in the title-click-“search store”–book appears—FREE– click on Buy and it appears on my Kindle within a minute. So easy!! Thanks again. Pat

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