Gift Ideas for Men

Gentlemen, this section is for you:

As a stereotypical guy, I love the beauty and simplicity of gift cards.  With Amazon’s gift cards, I could theoretically get one and print it out with my home computer and printer on Valentine’s Day before I went out for a Valentine’s dinner and the recipient would not be the wiser to my procrastination unless I confessed to it (not that I would do that).

In addition to printing them out at any time, gift cards can be emailed to the recipient.  Amazon is also offering free one-day shipping if you want one of the hard plastic cards and gift envelopes or boxes with your gift card.  Here’s your link so you won’t miss it and have a mad someone who is wondering why you didn’t bring her a present this year:

Of course, I’m not opening up the whole discussion of the appropriateness of a gift card….

Have a great rest of the afternoon-




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3 responses to “Gift Ideas for Men

  1. Steven Seiller

    If procrastination is an issue, you might wish to turn off the preference in your browser which prints the date and time when you print the web page!

    Know what I’m sayin….? ;-D

  2. Rosa

    You know what? I hear a lot of “experts” rag on the appropriateness of getting a woman a gift card. Of course, all women have different preferences, but as a blanket statement, that is hogwash. If your wife/girlfriend has said they think it’s tacky, by all means, find something else. But, don’t assume that’s the case, guys. I would much rather have an Amazon giftcard than, say, a necklace. True story. And, I know many women like myself.

  3. Colleen

    LOL of course you aren’t. I think it’s wise of you not to discuss the inappropriate “nature” of the giftcard. Whole ‘nother box of chocolates there.
    Wise also to follow the other suggestion and be sure the date and time aren’t printed. (Or cut into heart shape and paste on construction paper 😉

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