My Book is Free Today in the Amazon Kindle Store

The book that started it all for me, Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them, is free today in the Amazon Kindle store, and you can pick up your free copy by clicking here or typing in into your computer’s web browser.  It will be free for today only, so grab it now while you can!

I updated this book for what I call “version #9” earlier this month: key changes were the addition of a lot of links to the free books by genre in the Amazon Kindle store.  If you like the book, I would appreciate your taking a moment and writing a review for it and, if you don’t care for it, how about sending me an email (kindle at gagler dot com) and let me know how you think it could be improved?

Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

Updated January 2012!!

Please note this eBook is not USA-specific: in other words, each site mentioned in this Guide allows you to download and enjoy their content on your Kindle no matter which country you may live.

From the author of the Amazon Kindle best-selling blog “Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips” comes this update to your definitive guide to millions of free books online! Rather than limit yourself to the offerings at Amazon, there are literally thousands upon thousands of books, short stories, and more available to you for no charge which you can transfer directly to your Kindle or other eBook reader, download via the Kindle’s WhisperNet service or email directly to your Kindle.

Sure, you could spend several hours performing the same research, but save yourself the time and frustration as this guide will show you where to look and find thousands of books so you can read to your heart’s content!

Everyone enjoys receiving free stuff – the author included. This guide shows you where you can receive several hundred thousand (actually over a million) free books, blogs, short stories, and other content. Theoretically, you will never have to pay another cent for Kindle reading content again.

This guide also provides a brief overview of how to transfer books to your Kindle, the various file formats that are compatible with the Kindle, and how to download free books from the Internet and transfer to your Kindle.

Michael Gallagher is the author of several bestselling Kindle “how-to” guides, and his title “Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them” has been the #1 Kindle reference guide for over two years, garnering #53 and #72 on the Top 100 Kindle bestseller lists in 2010 and 2011, respectively. His “Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips” blog has been the #1 bestselling blog in the Amazon Kindle Store since 2010.

Want to have this blog sent wirelessly to your Kindle vs. reading it on your computer? Try out the free two-week subscription!  Click here for the Amazon page for Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips or type in into your computer’s web browser.

Check Out My Other Blog, “Kindle Books for a Buck (or Less),” with a primary focus on the independent author as there are jewels beyond the “name brand” authors. You can check it out by clicking here or typing in into your computer’s web browser.  Who knows, you might find a new favorite author!



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6 responses to “My Book is Free Today in the Amazon Kindle Store

  1. James Sickles

    It’s Jan. 19. I checked the Amazon page cited in your Jan. 19 Email and find the book is not free but rather $2.99 and a Prime read for free. Please explain.

    James Sickles

    • Michael Gallagher


      I think you need to check the date of this post – it was free for the day on January 18th, not the 19th.



      • James Sickles


        Your Email was delivered to me on Jan 19 and clearly stated in bold caption at the top of the page that it was the “daily digest for Jan 19”. The next thing just below (also in bold) is that your is that your book is free for the day. What could be plainer than that?

        Because of time zone differences, you could certainly post your email on Jan 18 for Jan 19 and have it get to me on the 19th. So I don’t think that your posting date is relevant here.



      • Michael Gallagher


        I sent that post out on January 18 at 6:53 a.m. Central time.

  2. Michael good morning ,
    I looked up two of the books you mentioned for this week which youhad said were free. I zipped to Amazon and lo and behold, true, they were free, but for prime members only of which I am not. Both my husband and I are retired and $79 is way over our budget. I have already complained to Kindle about this. They sent me a “lovely” reply which basically said, “We will look into it.”
    However, this isn’t your problem, but could you please check with Amazon before you advise us the book is free, when it’s not. It saves us time and disappointment.
    Thank you,

    • Michael Gallagher


      At the time I post each entry, the book is free on the Amazon website. Pricing changes every hour, and what is free in the morning (as an example) may not be free in the afternoon: I’ve even seen cases where a book is free for less than 30 minutes.

      The key here is to make sure you check the pricing before you click the “buy” button, because if there is a price vs. free your account will be charged!



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