The USB Power Cord

Okay, reading through the Amazon Kindle discussion boards, I want to make sure you new Kindle owners (and maybe some of you veterans) know where your USB cord is.

If you look at your power cord, that part that plugs into the wall actually comes apart. Separate the cord from the plug, and this is the USB end that plugs into your computer (the other end still goes into your Kindle)!

I also use the power plug portion to charge up other USB devices such as my mp3 player, the kids’ Nintendos, even an iPod on occasion.

Hope that helps!


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7 responses to “The USB Power Cord

  1. Scott

    The power plug is the absolute BEST for charging iPods, much faster than other chargers I’ve had. I use it for everything.

  2. The Kindle Fire comes with a power cord only — it’s mini USB on the device side, but the wall side goes into a classic black wall wart, not a USB charger. I think the Kindle Touch, Keyboard & plain Kindle 4 all come with the little white USB chargers.

  3. Charlotte

    I don’t think all Kindles come with the USB cord. I am not seeing where mine is suppose to come apart as you explained. It is just a plain AC power cord that came with my Kindle Fire.

    • Michael Gallagher

      The Kindle Fire is different – it is just a charger, which is why I mention the micro USB cord and the link to get it from Amazon.

  4. Is this true for the Kindle Fire too? I just looked at mine and tried to pull it apart, but was afraid I’d break the power cord!

    • Michael Gallagher

      Not for the Kindle Fire – it is a separate power cord (see my previous post this week on Tricking out a New Kindle). I have really s-l-o-w access at the moment or I would go grab the link. If you can’t find that post, please let me know.

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