Your Kindle is a Ticket Stub

Kindle owners do lots of things with their Kindles – some this you may already know how to do, but there may be a lot of you who never thought to do it. There is a discussion thread going on over at the Amazon site where members are posting some of the random things they do with their Kindles in addition to “just” reading books. I will be profiling some of these over the next few weeks – after all, part of the title line of this blog is supposed to be about Kindle tips vs. just a feature on free books!

Now this one seems pretty cool, and I have done this on a Continental flight:

On a recent trip to Memphis, I used my Kindle to print both my itinerary, which was useful to check in, and my boarding pass. I printed both to PDF, and I had the boarding pass on the Kindle screen when I approached the counter to board. I asked if they could scan the screen, as I was curious if it would work. The woman didn’t even skip a beat. She just scanned the screen, I heard a beep, and she waved me through. For some reason I didn’t think it would work, but it did!

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  1. Stan

    Don’t think that will fly in ATL. You have to have a paper pass to get through TSA security. But I have seen it used in Tulsa.

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