Retirement Can Be Murder – Free from Amazon Kindle Store

Retirement Can Be Murder by Phil Edwards is free today in the Amazon Kindle store, and has received an average user rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 50 customer reviews.  You can pick up your free copy by clicking here or typing in into your computer’s web browser.

Category: Mystery

Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

When Jake Russo is transferred from a New York City beat to sunny Sarasota, his reporting life slows down. Instead of covering life in the big city, he’s stuck writing puff pieces about bridge games and shuffleboard. His biggest challenge? Sticking to his diet.

That all changes when an older resident mysteriously dies on the beach. Jake has to figure out why and how she died. With the help of his bumbling octogenerian cameraman, Jake will have to overcome his lack of confidence and find the truth. He’ll discover love, conspiracy, and surprising secrets in Florida’s retirement communities.

Light as a day at the beach, this playful mystery is an early buffet of flirtation, intrigue, and senior citizens gone bad.

An Interview with Phil Edwards About the Book


This mystery takes a tongue in cheek look at senior communities near Sarasota. What inspired you to set a story there?


When I was a journalist (of a far inferior stripe to Jake), I had an interview subject launch into a soliloquy about his vacation home in Sarasota. I was hooked. The density of retirement homes nearby made it a great place to set a funny mystery. The dark side of senior living was the main draw, but since I was living in New Orleans when I wrote the book, I also knew what it meant to be hot all the time.


Jake is an insecure character. What parts of him do you see in yourself?


A lot. Jake is a more neurotic version of myself (and I haven’t struggled with my weight like him- I think). But Jake’s struggles with journalism mirrored my own- it’s tough to be aggressive, to know if you’re doing it right, and to know when to quit. I mined a lot of my own fears to describe his.


Mystery readers are usually meticulous ones. How did you research this book?


My focus in the book was to create a fun and memorable story, not a police procedural. There’s a reason it doesn’t focus on real estate law or autopsies. Readers should come in looking for a great time with new people- the mystery is just the thing that keeps you reading. That said, I did look at a lot of palm trees (which one character in the book is obsessed with).


What’s next for Jake?
When they’re done with this book, readers can follow Jake to New Orleans to see what happens in the restaurant world. Characters change, the plot thickens, and murder gets cooked up in Death By Gumbo. Or they can skip to Wisconsin and visit an old time radio show in Dead Air Can Kill You.
Fortunately, the books don’t have to be read in order, though they can be. Each book works as part of a longer story or by itself.

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