The Kindle Big Deal is Back

The Big Deal is Back…you may remember it from the summer before it was yanked, but here we go again!

This post isn’t about a free book – it might actually save you money, however – so I will call this one a tip.

Similar to last summer’s Sunshine and Big Deals, Amazon has announced “The Big Deal” is continuing again in December which lasts through December 23. What is the deal with The Big Deal (sorry, I couldn’t help that one)? Amazon has slashed the pricing of over 900 Kindle books to 99 cents to $3.99; my unscientific perusal shows most of these are normally in the $9.99 range.

And no, the majority of these are not unknown authors, you will find something from someone you know and recognize.  If you want to check them out, just click here or type in into your computer’s web browser for the full list.

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