325+ New Free Books in the Amazon Kindle Store

Well, the avalanche of free books continues…today there are over 325 new free books!  If you look at the list of all non-public domain free books this morning in the Amazon Kindle store, there are 3,584 as I type up this post.  That’s way too many for me to list out individually, so don’t forget the bookmark I told you about a few days ago to see them: click here or type in http://amzn.to/bookload into your computer’s web browser at any time – it’s probably a lot easier to do it on your computer – and you may want to bookmark this link as you can check back on the Kindle store at your leisure. With al of the books coming out for free rapid-fire, you can use this link without having to wait on me to send out a post.

Yesterday, there were a similar number of new free books, but I decided to tell you about the ones that had higher customer reviews as many of the freebies had zero customer reviews: my thought process was you would rather hear about the ones people had already critiqued vs. taking a chance on an unknown. As is typical with a lot of the free book offerings we have seen on the Amazon website over the last few years, many of these books were free for a very short time then reverted back to “Paid” status with a charge.

The books not being free anymore upset a few people, and I received a few comments from folks: please realize I have zero control over the length of time a book is offered for free in the Amazon Kindle store unless it is one of my own titles.  The books are free when I send out the post, and could stay free for as long as several weeks or, in some cases, we’ve seen them only be free for less than an hour.  Please make sure you check the pricing before you click the “buy” button!

Here is the breakdown of the 3,584 free books this morning – there should be something for everyone!  Just click here or type in http://amzn.to/bookload into your computer’s web browser, then look at the book categories on the left-hand side of the web page.

Fiction: 2,524

Nonfiction: 973

Advice & How-To: 240

Arts & Entertainment: 44

Biographies & Memoirs: 73

Business & Investing: 131

Children: 313

Comic & Graphic Novels: 26

Computers & Internet: 39

Cooking, Food & Wine: 45

Fantasy: 410

History: 65

Humor: 193

Lifestyle & Home: 175

Literary Fiction: 96

Mystery & Thrillers: 390

Parenting & Families: 58

Politics & Current Events: 26

Reference: 66

Religion & Spirituality: 232

Romance: 382

Science: 58

Science Fiction: 248

Sports: 27

Travel: 33

Want to have this blog sent wirelessly to your Kindle vs. reading it on your computer? Try out the free two-week subscription!  Click here for the Amazon page for Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips.

Looking for more or a reliable source of free books for your Kindle?  Click here for my “Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them book (updated November 2011 for the release of the Kindle Fire!).




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6 responses to “325+ New Free Books in the Amazon Kindle Store

    • Michael Gallagher


      You are welcome – grab them while they are still free! I don’t know about you, but my digital “to be read” pile continues to grow and grow….


  1. Amazon authors are sure giving us lots of holiday gifts. Can’t wait to read all these downloads. I’ve grabbed hundreds!

  2. Thank you for doing this! I have downloaded a lot of books.

  3. Kim

    Is there a way to filter the list of free books, as to the most recently added to the list? Thanks again for all of your hard work….it is greatly appreciated!!!

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