300+ New Free Kindle Book Titles This Morning

The plethora of free books in the Amazon Kindle store continues….

While we lost about a net 100 free books from yesterday, there are a little more than 300 new books offered for free this morning in the Amazon Kindle store.  I’ll break it down by category in a few minutes, but it is still way too many to try and tell you about each book in either a separate post or in one long one.  Most of the new titles are in the History category with 50 (there were zero yesterday) and Humor with 151 net new titles being offered for free.

If you didn’t bookmark the link I gave you yesterday I strongly suggest you bookmark it now – here is a link you can use to start surfing away: click here or type in http://amzn.to/bookload into your computer’s web browser for a listing by genre of the free book listings. I have bookmarked this link and I recommend you do, also.

The Kindle Book Lending program for authors (click here or type in http://bit.ly/rZ2h5h into your computer’s web browser to see that post again) allows independent authors to offer any of their books for free for a five day period every 90 days.  It would appear a few more of these independent authors took advantage of that offer and I will imagine that trend will continue as authors try it out for the first time as well as trying to get some activity with their books as we head into Christmas and a few million new Kindles will be opened up in about two weeks.

If you clicked the http://amzn.to/bookload link, you will see this list has all of the non-public domain free books on the Amazon website and, as I type this post, should refer you to 3,413 free Kindle books. If you look on the left-hand side of the Amazon page that pops up, you will see the books sorted by category with 2,425 fiction and 905 non-fiction books.

To break down the categories even further, here is what’s available by genre this morning – there should be several “somethings” available for everyone:

Advice & How-To: 235 (45 net new titles from yesterday)

Arts & Entertainment: 42 (2 new)

Biographies & Memoirs: 72 (7 new)

Business & Investing: 125 (3 new)

Children’s eBooks: 286

Comics & Graphic Novels: 30 (6 new)

Computers & Internet: 35

Cooking, Food & Wine: 32

Fantasy: 400 (14 new)

History: 50 (all of these are new today)

Humor: 200 (151 new)

Lifestyle & Home: 155 (11 new)

Literary Fiction: 93 (11 new)

Mystery & Thrillers: 363 (21 new)

Parenting & Families: 57 (10 new)

Politics & Current Events: 20

Reference: 57 (6 new)

Religion & Spirituality: 206 (16 new)

Romance: 391 (11 new)

Science: 52 (7 new)

Science Fiction: 238 (8 new)

Sports: 29 (3 new)

Travel: 30 (2 new)

Here is the link again so you can start surfing away: click here or type in http://amzn.to/bookload into your computer’s web browser for a listing by genre of the free book offers.

Have fun!



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4 responses to “300+ New Free Kindle Book Titles This Morning

  1. iliana

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for showing us the way to freebbies! Can you give us some tips on how to organize them in our kindles. I’m new to the Kindle world and while I keep downloading them I would like to have them organized better so I can find my way around my own books. Any suggestions??

    Again, thanks for all you do!

  2. Craig Logan

    Hi Michael, I noticed in this last posting, you listed exactly just how many new were listed in each category i.e. Religion & Spirituality: 206 (16 new). How did you know exactly how many “new” were in each category? Simple math, or is there a sort feature that I could use to get that exact information. As you would well know, it takes a long time to look through the entire list in particular categories each time. Thanks for the great tips!

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