1,100+ New Free Kindle Books This Morning

This is another one of those posts you probably want to tell your family / friends / coworkers about as the good times continue to roll, especially send it to those who have a dedicated Kindle reader or one of the many Kindle applications on iPads, computers, etc.

I have some good news and bad news, so let’s get the bad news out of the way: of the 2,700+ free books I told you about yesterday, approximately 500 of them are no longer free.  Oh well…

Now, the good news: there are over 1,100 new free books available today in the Amazon Kindle store for a total of 3,223 free non-public domain books!!    That is certainly incredible!  I’ll have some statistics on the free offers in just a few moments.

If I did my normal job of posting about each free book or even tried to summarize them into one post it would take me a couple of days.  If you didn’t bookmark the link I gave you yesterday I strongly suggest you bookmark it now – here is a link you can use to start surfing away: click here or type in http://amzn.to/bookload into your computer’s web browser for a listing by genre of the free book listings. I have bookmarked this link and I recommend you do, also.

The Kindle Book Lending program for authors (click here or type in http://bit.ly/rZ2h5h into your computer’s web browser to see that post again) allows independent authors to offer any of their books for free for a five day period every 90 days.  Obviously, more of these independent authors took advantage of that offer and I will imagine that trend will continue.

You’ll see that this list has all of the non-public domain free books on the Amazon website and, as I type this post, should refer you to 3,223 free Kindle books. If you look on the left-hand side of the Amazon page that pops up, you will see the books sorted by category with 2,305 fiction and 833 non-fiction books.

To break down the categories even further, here is what’s available by genre this morning – there should be several “somethings” available for the 70,000+ people who will see this message today:

Advice & How-To: 199

Arts & Entertainment: 40

Biographies & Memoirs: 65

Business & Investing: 122

Children’s eBooks: 294

Comics & Graphic Novels: 24

Computers & Internet: 34

Cooking, Food & Wine: 32

Fantasy: 386

Humor: 49

Lifestyle & Home: 144

Literary Fiction: 83

Mystery & Thrillers: 342

Parenting & Families: 47

Politics & Current Events: 19

Reference: 51

Religion & Spirituality: 190

Romance: 380

Science: 45

Science Fiction: 230

Sports: 26

Travel: 28

Here is the link again so you can start surfing away: click here or type in http://amzn.to/bookload into your computer’s web browser for a listing by genre of the free book offers.

Have fun!


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9 responses to “1,100+ New Free Kindle Books This Morning

  1. toddh

    Is there any way to sort through these to see which ones were added in the last day, to just catch the newest ones?

  2. iliana

    Watch out fellow readers! Some random books in the list aren’t free! Once in a while you see ones that cost $, some people don’t care but some may so just a word of caution…

    • Michael Gallagher

      That’s a great point – you never know how long a book will be listed for free, so please check the price before you hit the buy button!

  3. Scott

    Fellow readers might also want to exercise a little prudence when browsing the entire list. There are quite a few titles that aren’t exactly “family friendly”.

  4. Rabbi Steve

    As Michael said, there is no way to completely filter out trash or see which ones were added most recently.

    You can sort of do a workaround where you might be able to find a few new ones this way(This has worked for me. YMMV):

    What I do is I change the default “Sort by” on the top instead of “Popularity” to “publication date”.

    This tends to bring some newly added books to the foreground. Even sometimes, when the books themselves were published, even a few months back you still get if you can look through the first few pages, some newly added.

    Another thing I like to do which sometimes filters out some of the trash, is regardless of how I’m sorting it I then also do a filter which you can find on the left side both by category and by star rating. I will often use the four-star or three-star and above to filter. Usually those with lots of stars, even if they’ve been “shilled”gives some idea as long as there’s lots of reviews (at least more than three), you know, what the book is about and what the content
    might be. For example, if there’s a lot of “language”, you’ll usually see a review or two that will mention this.

    It’s not as good as having a simple way to do this, but it has worked for me. I usually find more gems than garbage this way. Again, YMMV.

    I hope this helps somebody. Much success with it,

    Rabbi Steve

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