Kindle Mobile Friendly Websites – Free from Amazon Kindle Store

Here’s for a little self-promotion but, after all it’s free (and I won’t see a cent): you can pick up my book Kindle Mobile Friendly Websites for free from the Amazon Kindle store if you click here or type in into your computer’s web browser.  This should really be of interest to those of you using the Kindle Fire as well as any other generation of Kindle.

If you like this guide, how about writing a review on the Amazon website?  Over 50,000 people have downloaded it for free over the last six months, but there are only 7 reviews….if you notice any broken links, or have an additional list of mobile websites, please send them to me via email (kindle at gagler dot com) as I am working on a new version!

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Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

Your Kindle can do more than read books – you can surf the Internet, check your email, play some great games, use it for grocery lists and class notes, and more. This guide is pretty simple: I show you over 300 mobile-friendly websites you can access with your Kindle. Some of you may say something along the lines of “I could find all of this stuff using a Bing or Google search, so why should I pay for this short book?”

If you did say that (or thought it), you would be correct: you can, for example, do a Bing search and find lists of various mobile websites that you could then surf with your Kindle. However, you would have to (a) find them, (b) move from your computer to your Kindle, and (c) might not have all of the ones I list here. However, for a small fee you can have them summarized in one place and one list (i.e., this eBook) that has over 300 of them categorized by topic that you can just open up on your Kindle and surf away.

Topics include:

• News websites
• Information sites
• Entertainment
• Business
• Portal
• Search / Shopping
• Sports
• Technology
• Travel
• Weather

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