New Kindle Release Day

Today is a big day – the new Kindle Fires and Touch will be delivered to 16,000+ retail locations this morning, and should also start arriving at your doorsteps if you pre-ordered from Amazon today and tomorrow.  There’s been a lot of flak of how the retail locations were getting the Fire and Touch a week ahead of the pre-order folks, which prompted Amazon to change the shipping schedules and trumpet yesterday via press releases how they were shipping them early.

I wouldn’t call it “early” if WalMart and BestBuy receive it before I do – especially since I paid extra for one day overnight shipping!

Anyway, the new devices are out.  What do you think?  Is the Fire a worthy competitor to the other tablets out there?  How neat (or not) is the new Kindle Touch?  How do you like them?

Post your comments via reply on the blog or send me your thoughts via email to kindle at gagler dot com



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One response to “New Kindle Release Day

  1. mandy

    I agree 100%… I paid the overnight charge to have mine early as well and when I was reading of the retail locations having theirs 1st, I was not happy! So excited to get mine today! I am expecting my new kindle touch and fire early this pm via UPS!

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