4 New Kindles Announced – Including a Color Tablet

Okay, the long-awaited announcement of the new Kindle is here but, rather than one new Kindle, there are four:

This is exciting news – new gadgets and great prices.  More to come on each in later posts – I figure you can read about them yourself vs. me doing a copy and paste from the Amazon website – but I will tell you just ordered a Kindle Fire (will be released on November 15), and this is a direct competitor to the iPad.  Here are some of the features of the Kindle Fire:

  • Watch over 18 million movies, plus all of the TV sshows, songs, magazines, and books from the Amazon store are available.
  • Thousands of apps available now with more to come – the Droid operating system has the fastest-growing app development going on now.
  • Fast web browsing.
  • All of your Amazon content (books, movies, songs, periodicals, etc.) will be stored for free on Amazon’s cloud servers.
  • Color touchscreen.
  • Dual-core processor.
  • If you are an Amazon Prime member, there are over 10,000 movies and TV shows you can watch for free.

Want to have this blog sent wirelessly to your Kindle vs. reading it on your computer? Try out the free two-week subscription!  Click here for the Amazon page for Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips.

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7 responses to “4 New Kindles Announced – Including a Color Tablet

  1. The Kindle Fire links don’t work . . . . THANKS for all the info!!

  2. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m reading through this post and those on other sites cheering the new Kindle Fire release as well as the spec on Amazon and I still don’t know if there is free internet access on the thing (am I missing something obvious?). The specs note: “Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots…” Does that mean the same Wi-Fi/3G like my dear little Kindle 3 has?

    • Michael Gallagher

      If you can connect to a WiFi network, you will be able to surf the Internet. It does not, however, have 3G which means being able to surf at will from just about anywhere – you will need a WiFi hotspot (and there are literally hundreds of thousands of free WiFi hotspots).



  3. penandra

    I was reading about the Fire this morning, but was hoping that they would include the 3G with it instead of just the WiFi . . . without the 3G it’s alot like my pandigital (although faster). I look forward to reading your review once you receive it.

  4. Shelly

    A few questions you may or may not be able to help me with right now…
    If I purchase a Kindle Fire will I be able to use my Kindle Account for my older version of Kindle AND my new Kindle Fire at the same time? How many devices can you have on one account? Right now I have 2 laptops, a desktop and my Kindle listed.

    Do you think I will be able to watch Netflix on Kindle Fire or will Amazon’s streaming service be the only one allowed?

    Do you think they will be making more magazines available electronically? Amazon’s downloadable magazine selections are AWFUL.

    Thank you! Love your blog!!

    • Michael Gallagher


      If you add a Kindle Fire, or any other Kindle, to your account you should be able to have the same content on each. Some publishers limit it to five devices with a copy of a book at the same time, however.

      I don’t know about the Netflix option as well as more magazines.



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