No Turning Back – Free from Amazon Kindle Store

No Turning Back by Sharon T. Rose is free today from the Amazon Kindle store, and has you can pick up your free copy by clicking here or typing in into your computer’s web browser.

Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

Untold ages ago, two races were at war. The battles raged unchecked, driving them across the universe. Eventually, they reached equilibrium; neither side could gain over the other. When they came across a poor, stone-aged planet that would eventually be called Alluvia, one side chose to alter the terms of the war.
The human inhabitants of Alluvia little dreamed of events beyond their skies until the day some of their own were taken by those whom they would call “Sukkers,” turning the once-ordinary men, women, and children into Drones, pawns used in the great war. The ravages caused by Drones seemed to decide the outcome of the war until the other side also took some of the humans. The small group chosen by those known only as the Ancients were not made mindless. Genetically altered with the DNA of the Ancients, they became “super-humans”, endowed with incredible abilities and able to hold back the Drone armies of the Sukkers.
The Ancients disappeared long ago, and the Sukkers still claim hosts at will. Alluvia has grown since that long-ago time, with countries, cultures, religions, and wars of its own. Their own technology rises, looking to rival and supplant that left by the Ancients to their Descendants. And The War still rages.
No one remembers why the Ancients fought; no one really cares. Alluvia did not start it, but it is left to them, to the Descendants of the Ancients, to finish it somehow.

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