We Are All Weird – Unusual Free Pre-Order from Amazon Kindle Store

This free pre-order made me laugh out loud – remember, on the free pre-orders if you place your order now, Amazon  will deliver it for free to your Kindle.  Many of you might think I laughed at the title, but it is the release date: I’ll be lucky if I am even alive then.  Take a look, and you will see what I mean.

We Are All Weird by Seth Godwin is a free pre-order today in the Amazon Kindle store, and if you place your free pre-order now Amazon will deliver it to your Kindle (for free) on its release date of January 1, 2036.  You can place your pre-order if you click here or type in http://amzn.to/nCDS75 into your computer’s web browser.

Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

We Are All Weird is a celebration of choice, of treating different people differently and of embracing the notion that everyone deserves the dignity and respect that comes from being heard. The book calls for end of mass and for the beginning of offering people more choices, more interests and giving them more authority to operate in ways that reflect their own unique values.

For generations, marketers, industrialists and politicians have tried to force us into little boxes, complying with their idea of what we should buy, use or want. And in an industrial, mass-market driven world, this was efficient and it worked. But what we learned in this new era is that mass limits our choice because it succeeds on conformity.

As Godin has identified, a new era of weirdness is upon us. People with more choices, more interests and the power to do something about it are stepping forward and insisting that the world work in a different way. By enabling choice we allow people to survive and thrive.

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9 responses to “We Are All Weird – Unusual Free Pre-Order from Amazon Kindle Store

  1. penandra

    Link takes user to a 404 — even when going to the main Amazon.com page and inputting “We are all weird” and clicking on that link takes users to a 404. Perhaps a late April Fools to see how many customers would try to link to a release in 2036! 😉

    • Michael Gallagher

      It looks like they took this one down pretty quick – someone either realized the error, it must not have been meant to be released for free, etc. Who knows?

  2. Amy C

    It was gone before I got there, but 2036 is a long time to wait anyway.

  3. Is there a different link? I’m counting on being around in 2036 and will be waiting until then with eager anticipation!! LOL…OK…went to Amazon and found it in German but that was it. Have downloaded all of his and love them. Let me know when you get a chance…

  4. toddh

    Must have been a mistake of some sort – links are down.

  5. Went to the page, but it is not functioning. Maybe I need to wait a while to be closer to the 2036 release date? lol…

  6. T

    Link is 404 not available. What was the release date?

  7. Steven Seiller

    The author – Seth Godwin – has a very close resemblance to master marketer Seth Godin. Seth is known for a bit of humor….

  8. penandra

    Michael: Out of curiosity, I went to the Amazon.com page and did a search on the title (not a click thru from your blog). The page came up with a September 21, 2011 release date, but no pricing available and no click through — BUT when I went back to verify, I got another 404. I’m beginning to think this is a joke from someone at Amazon! 😉

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