Your Kindle is an Address Book

Kindle owners do lots of things with their Kindles – some this you may already know how to do, but there may be a lot of you who never thought to do it.  There is a discussion thread going on over at the Amazon site where members are posting some of the random things they do with their Kindles in addition to “just” reading books.  I will be profiling some of these over the next few weeks – after all, part of the title line of this blog is supposed to be about Kindle tips vs. just a feature on free books!

The below is one of the tips from the discussion board:

Recently my sister put together a list for everyone in our family that has each person’s birthday, anniversary, mailing address, email address and phone numbers. I have put that in a Word file and transferred that that to my Kindle – each with a different name such as “Family Birthdays.”

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3 responses to “Your Kindle is an Address Book

  1. Don

    I put my whole medical history on a Word document and mailed it to myself. I always take my Kindle to doctor’s appointments anyway so this made a lot of sense. Plus, it is easy to update this way.

  2. DJV.

    Per the address book, most personal computers have elaborate applications for that, which usually allow for adding custom fields.
    Printing these to a PDF, or exporting to rtf or some other format, makes for a nice base for kindlefying the address book, e.g. via Calibre.

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