The Days and Months We Were First Born Free from Amazon Kindle Store

The Days and Months We Were First Born – Family by Fate by Christopher Hunter is free today from the Amazon Kindle store, and you can pick up your free copy by clicking here or typing in into your computer’s web browser.

Please note this is book 2 of a 3 part series – I told you yesterday book 1 was free, and it is still free as I type this post: you can click here or type in into your computer’s web browser to get book 1 of the series (it is in my to be read pile on my Kindle).  I do not know how much longer either (or both) will be free, so get them while you can!

Here is book 2’s description from the Amazon website:

After surviving an epic and far-reaching tragedy that claimed his future, his girlfriend, his family, and even his hometown of New York City, Martin Jacob finds himself alone and on an abandoned hotel rooftop. Without a clue where to go and start anew, he faces the task of navigating a different and dangerous world, with only a gun, a hunting knife, and four bags of supplies and food.

Dr. Carl Russell and his wife Mary lived a very busy and normal life in Keene, New Hampshire. They ran a NHC Health Clinic, and they were prepared for a busy day on payroll Friday. Then a couple of government officials came to pay them a visit. And soon, the doctor and his wife discover that their normal and busy life will never be the same.

Melinda Gunaji Henderson was home from her first year at Penn State. She was looking forward to a party on Sunday, July 29, 2068. But when she walks into the living room on Awareness Day, the day before, it becomes clear that a party will be the least of her concerns.

In this action-packed second installment of the “The Days and Months We Were First Born” trilogy, their courses collide to make them a family by fate.

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4 responses to “The Days and Months We Were First Born Free from Amazon Kindle Store

  1. Toni Keltz

    Hi Michael,
    I’m trying to upload the second book “The Days & Months We Were First Born – Family By Fate”, but it kept saying that the web address is not functioning. Help! I would like to read the series from the beginning. Thanks!

    • Michael Gallagher

      It appears they took down books 2 and 3 from the Amazon website. Maybe the author is making some revisions (your guess is as good as mine)?

  2. Carolyn

    From :
    “Books II and III are temporarily unavailable at Amazon. Due to pricing conflicts, I had to pull the titles from the site. If you would like to continue reading the series, please feel free to purchase from Smashwords, PubIt!, and other participating retailers until this issue is resolved. Simply click on one of the links below. Thank your for your support and truly hope you enjoy.

    Christopher Hunter”

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