A Free And Addictive Game Available for Your Kindle

Okay, Amazon has released another game for your Kindle: this one is called Every Word: Crossings and you can pick up your free copy by clicking here or typing in http://amzn.to/n6LwHS into your computer’s web browser.

For a while I was on a soapbox asking each of you to write reviews of the books, etc. you have read in an effort to help others find great content as well as avoid some of the stinkers out there.   I wrote one for this game, and encourage you to do the same, too – who knows, maybe Amazon will write more of these for free if enough people comment favorably (or not) on them?

Here is the review I wrote:

When I got my Kindle, I thought I would use it to read…the last thing I, and possibly you, need is yet another addictive game to while away your time.  When I first opened up the game, I said to myself I would just play it for 5-10 minutes then move on to the book I was reading.  I was wrong on my time estimate as I looked up and realized almost an hour had passed.

This game is a mixture between a crossword and something like word find or word scramble.  You get 5 to 7 letters to figure out as many words can be made with the combination of letters available – you score 20 points each for the first three letters, then the scoring goes up.  You can play in a “relaxed” or non-timed mode or on a timer.  The levels of difficulty gradually increase through the ten separate  puzzles.

This game appears to be addictive, and I was just off of my Kindle-version Scrabble addiction.

There is a warning on the game description that says the content may be inappropriate for children.   I assume that is due to the potential of dirty words, or something a parent may not want to explain the definition of to their child, that they may run across.  I haven’t found anything (yet) I would consider inappropriate.

One word of warning: you will be using a lot of the letters (obviously) playing this game.  I am on my second K3 due to the letters coming off due to too much Scrabble playing, and my current one is starting to suffer the same.  I would imagine if you play this game a lot, your letters on a K3 might rub off, too.  Of course, your experience may vary.

All in all, this is a neat little game and I give it an extra star for being free!

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2 responses to “A Free And Addictive Game Available for Your Kindle

  1. When I was a young woman (I am 76) we used to play a version of this game at birthday parties, wedding and baby showers. The words may have come from phrases, such as “Happy Birthday, ______________,” or “Marriage” or “Baby Carriage.”

  2. Karen

    Love Every Word Crossword also.

    I bought a skin that has a white keyboard cover. Problem with disappearing letters solved. Easier than getting a new Kindle.

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