Answering Your Kindle Questions

Okay, once again it is time to answer a few questions that were emailed to me – that seems to be a pretty popular feature on the blog, which surprises me because I don’t know all of the answers!

If you would like to write to me, my email address is kindle at gagler dot com.  I am heading out of town for most of the weekend, and my response times (which are never that good to begin with) might be a little slower than normal.

The first one comes from Dee W.:

I’ve subscribed for your blog – free Kindle books plus a few tips, since I got my Kindle 2 about a year ago.  I recently upgraded to a Kindle 3 with special offers.  My first Kindle arrived with the clock operating on my local time and accurately.  My new Kindle has the wrong time and I can’t figure out how to change it.  I’m technically challenged, to put it mildly.  How do I go about changing the time on my Kindle?  Thanks for all your useful tips and the wonderful books you list for us.   

Nothing like setting up an easy one first…while there are multiple ways to do things with your Kindle, here is how I would change the time:

  • Go to the Home screen by pressing the ”Home” button.
  • Press the “Menu” button.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Press the “Next Page” button to get to page two of the Settings screen.
  • Next to “Device Time” change the option to “Select Manually.”
  • A box will pop up and ask you to set the time.  After you do so, use your 5-way controller to select the “Save” option. 
  • Your Kindle clock should be adjusted.

Leslie in Michigan asked this question:

Thank you for the MP3 music instructions.  Would I use the same instructions to download MP3 books from the local library?

The short answer is “I don’t know,” as each library is probably different.  Sad to say, I haven’t been to my local library since I received my first Kindle as a gift.  However, I will take a guess – if the book is in mp3 format already, the same technique should hold true for an mp3 book as an mp3 music file.  Just make sure you have your USB cord for the Kindle with you, and try not to upset too many librarians with letting them see your Kindle!

Speaking of music and playing it on your Kindle, Lori W. had this to say:

Just wanted to say thank you for that idea.  I knew about being able to play music, but never thought I’d actually want music on my Kindle because it would distract me when I’m reading.  After you mentioned light background music, I realized that if I had a few instrumental albums they would not be a distraction.  🙂 Thanks!

Here’s an email from Nick R. regarding the storage capacity of the Kindle:

Dear Michael,

I have a new generation Kindle complete with 3g WIFI, the greatest of all technologies. First I want to thank you for your posts and your analysis about the books. I appreciate the reviews and your insights. I was never what you would call a reader. I think the most I ever read was the sports column in Sunday’s paper. But now, thanks to you and Amazon, I have expanded my reading ten-fold. I was curious though, how many books does the Kindle hold. I have them separated into collections, Fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, things like that. But my question, eventually, I will run out of room on my poor overcrowded device. Do you know that number?

Thanks again so very much for enlightening me!

Yes, eventually you will run out of room – the device holds a little over 3 GB of stuff, which Amazon claims will hold over 3,000 eBooks; the long and the short of it is I don’t know – it all depends upon the size of the book and each one is significantly different due to the number of words, if there are pictures in the book, and all sorts of other stuff I probably couldn’t explain very well.  I wouldn’t put 3,000 on my Kindle as it will get slower as it swaps the memory around, indexes the books, etc.

After I finish a book, I delete it from my Kindle – I have a huge “to be read” pile of eBooks, and I don’t need a digital bookshelf to gaze upon like some people do with their bookshelves of paper books: if I want to read a Kindle book again, I just redownload it while using my Kindle (it will be in the “Archived Items” line of your Kindle) or while I am on the Amazon website (which you can find under the “Manage Your Kindle” menu item of the Amazon web page).

I hope each of you has a great weekend-


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