Project Gutenberg and Read an eBook Week

Read an eBook week is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first eBook, credited to Michael Hart.  Hart was given a $100,000 credit on an IBM mainframe computer in 1971, and decided to use this credit to develop an electronic storage, retrieval, and search system of library books – unheard of at the time – and created the first eBook.  What was that title?  The Declaration of Independence!

This initial beginning launched what is now called Project Gutenberg ( – a site that has over 40,000 eBooks available on its site, with affiliate / linking sources to over 100,000 eBooks on it – and all of them are free, and most are available in a variety of eBook reader formats.

So, in honor of Read an eBook week and its promotion of Project Gutenberg – when is the last time you hit the Project Gutenberg for free eBooks?  If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it.

All of the content is in the public domain, and the majority of the titles I have seen are available in the Kindle format –each title has been painstakingly typed up and proofed by a group of worldwide volunteers.  I have rediscovered many titles I enjoyed reading growing up plus many more I have never been exposed.

You can read them on your computer, or transfer them to your Kindle.  If you download a Kindle book from the site, you will need to transfer it to your computer to your Kindle.  Click here to read my post on how to do that procedure – this is the same text of the title I charge 99 cents for in the Amazon Kindle store, but the blog readers can read it for free.

So, go check out Project Gutenberg and discover / rediscover a classic!

Want to have this blog sent wirelessly to your Kindle vs. reading it on your computer? Try out the free two-week subscription!  Click here for the Amazon page for Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips.

Looking for more or a reliable source of free books for your Kindle?  Click here for my “Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them book (in the Kindle format, of course).


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4 responses to “Project Gutenberg and Read an eBook Week

  1. Brian

    Quick question, Mike. Now that you have alerted us to your Twitter account, etc. and all of your great info is available free, what is the incentive to keep paying the (very reasonable amount of) 99 cents per month for the Kindle feed? Is it simply so it gets fed directly to your Kindle? I’m not going to unsubscribe because I like that feed, but I was just curious.

    • Michael Gallagher


      You’re the first person to ask that. People may think I am crazy (especially all of the other blog owners on the Amazon Kindle store), but let’s face it: no one is going to be able to blog from home in their underwear around here, especially as I get all of 30 cents per month per subscriber (a penny a day) and Amazon keeps the rest. It certainly isn’t a “greed” thing for me doing this!

      Ideally, I want to make sure people read about the free book offers and get some hopefully meaningful tips. The other reason, and the one I think more important, is I think longer-term Amazon will kill the paid blogs and revert to an app type store similar to Apple and Goole’s Droid. I’ll be writing more about this later in a future blog post.



  2. Vicki

    On another site I was alerted to this link:

    which takes one to a page with a link to download DIRECTLY TO THE KINDLE a (searchable) catalog of 1000’s of books on Project Gutenberg in MOBI format. Additionally, while reading the catalog on the kindle, you can click the title and it will ALSO download directly to the kindle. I downloaded well over a hundred books the first week after perusing the catalog–and that was only the first 5% of the catalog! Lots of great reading material!

  3. Pink

    Just a quick tip – I’ve bookmarked Project Gutenberg on my Kindle’s web browser and am able to download books from the site directly to my Kindle.

    Their mobile site ( loads quickly and cleanly on the Kindle using wifi or 3G.

    Love your blog! Thanks for all of the tips and free books. 🙂

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