When Darkness Falls free from Amazon Kindle Store

Here’s one being marketed a little different than normal – Amazon has released for free pre-order a book that will be released in a series of parts (the complete book is $7.99).  Part One will be released on March 1st, and Part Two will be released on March 8th, with James Grippando’s book When Darkness Falls.  The complete book has received an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 21 customer reviews.

You can pre-order Part One if you click here.

You can pre-order Part Two if you click here.

I’m guessing the marketing offer is this – someone enjoys Part One so much they can’t wait for the remaining installments and will buy the compete book.  While this goes against the spirit of this blog, I’ll go ahead and point you to the complete book but remember it is $7.99 – click here.  That’s up to you, but my “to be read” pile is large enough I could wait until the complete book arrives.

Here is the complete book’s description from the Amazon website:

From the moment Miami criminal defense attorney Jack Swyteck is called upon to defend a new client-a homeless man jailed for threatening to jump off a bridge-it’s obvious something is amiss. For one thing, the man called Falcon manages to come up with the $10,000 bail…in cash. Then the body of a brutally murdered woman is found in the trunk of the abandoned car he’s living in.

But it isn’t until a panicked Falcon takes a group of innocent people hostage, including Jack’s best friend, and barricades himself and his prisoners in a motel room that Swyteck realizes how much is truly at stake. For Falcon has a bigger agenda than suicide, and Jack Swyteck must get to the root of a dark history and bitter secrets before Falcon decides he has nothing to lose by killing them all.

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4 responses to “When Darkness Falls free from Amazon Kindle Store

  1. cassie

    What is crazy is that the description also notes it’s a 3 part free ebook. But no 3 part listed yet???

  2. I thought I’d be ordering the entire book, but learned from the book description book that Parts 1 & 2 ‘s file size is 5 KB each. Not sure how much 10 KB would make up of the 366 pages in the complete book on sale for $7.99, but it can’t be much.

  3. Lady D

    I’m not planning on buying the whole thing… I have enough to read so that waiting for each part to be released in turn won’t bother me… It looks as if the three part version even has extra material included besides the novel. I’ll just wait for the third part to be released before I start reading; I’m guessing around the middle of March…

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