The February Informal Poll

Each month for the past year I have started or participated in an informal poll on the Amazon Kindle Discussion boards asking people what they have been or are reading on their Kindles.  This is part of an effort for me to find things out of the mainstream I might be interested in at hopefully a lower price vs. buying and reading what everyone else is reading on the latest NYTimes bestseller lists; while I do read what is on the NY Times bestseller list, and enjoy a lot of it, there are a lot of authors out there in the Kindle self-publishing or “indie” space I have really enjoyed, too.

Each post starts off something like this:

Time for the monthly poll: I’ve received several great tips on past monthly polls with what you are reading on your Kindle!

Here’s how this works – list a book you are currently reading or just recently read on your Kindle (insert the product link using the little button above the text box so others can find it), whether you would recommend it, did you get it free, and anything else you would care to share.

If you would like to check this month’s poll out, you can click here or type in into your web browser.

Last month’s poll had a few mishaps where the original thread “disappeared” after a lot of posts, yet even after we started round two it took off with a bang and ended up with over 1,000 separate posts.  I did pick up some winners and losers.

I didn’t start this month’s poll as I’ve been literally burning the candle at both ends, and thanks to discussion board user “Joshua” who took the initiative to get it going.  I finally posted to the board today, and here is what I had to say:

I recently read The n00b Warriors (Book One) which is a freebie (and still free). While it had an interesting story outline, I really didn’t like it as I thought it was in serious need of a professional editor. It was one of those ones I kept turning the page thinking “it has to get better” and it didn’t; once it was finally over, I kicked myself wondering why I had wasted my time reading it. I’m glad it was free!

I just finished The English Assassin by Daniel Silva which I thought was very good – I’ve had it on my Kindle for at least six months and finally waded through the to be read pile. It is the second book in a series, so I highly recommend reading the first book in the series called The Kill Artist which was free not too long ago. Now that I finished The English Assassin, I went and picked up #3 in the series called The Confessor. I’m 10% through it and like it so far.

If you would like to check this month’s poll out, you can click here or type in into your web browser.

Anyway, what are YOU reading on your Kindle?

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