The K3 is Here

Well, my Kindle 3 (“K3”) arrived, finally.  After a delay where I tried to outsmart the system – click here for the related blog post discussion – my Kindle had an arrival date of last Friday.  I had my UPS tracking number, saw that it was on the truck and had left the UPS facility at 7:13 a.m., and I was ready.  What a way to start a long holiday weekend than with the new Kindle.  UPS makes several deliveries to my office each day – I had it delivered to the office so someone could sign for it vs. the delivery guy leaving it on my front porch unattended all day – and I was ready to charge it up.  I had already identified about 50 books to be downloaded from my “to be read” pile on my K2 to my K3.

The Kindle wasn’t there on the first two deliveries to the office but that’s ok – there would be a couple more before it was all said and done.

Unfortunately, our HR department sent out an internal email saying we would be closing the office early in order for us to enjoy the long weekend a little early; while that is always appreciated, I had a choice – leave about 3 hours early and beat traffic as I was heading out of town, or wait for the Kindle.

Choices, choices.  30 minutes after everyone seemed to have left but me on my floor, I gave up and headed home.  It just wasn’t meant to be.

So, I went about my business, went out of town and had a good visit with my folks, and came back home after a couple of days.  After I fired up the computer, I hit the UPS site – wouldn’t you know it: the UPS delivery came about 30 minutes after I left the office.

I got it Tuesday morning, and have been giving it a workout.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll relay some of my experiences and some of the trial and error I have gone through, as well as some of the high points.  Many of you were way ahead of me on your K3 delivery date and it may be old hat or old news to you, and maybe it will be new.  We shall see.

While many of you rely on me to tell you the tips and tricks – after all, that is part of this blog’s title – I certainly don’t know it all.  So, here’s my request: if you have a story to tell about your K3 experience, tips or things you’ve learned, please pass it on to me.  I’m sure the several thousand folks who read this blog every day would like to know them, too.  Just shoot me an email to

Now, back to my new K3.  Should I give it a name?


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